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Our approach to individual clinical counseling and non-clinical life coaching is person centered. Our clients’ growth is obtained by outlining specific action-oriented goals aimed at using one’s strengths to leverage desired life changes. In collaboration with our clients, we promote a therapeutic relationship that consists of trust and open communication to allow for positive change.

Both men and women alike are invested in overcoming obstacles that interfere with their hopes and dreams for a more satisfying quality of life. Unexpected events to include divorce, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, substance abuse and other personal traumatic events can delay one’s pursuit of joy and happiness.

The founding principle of Global Counseling Solutions is to assist its clients in “achieving a healthier quality of life.” We employ a variety of interventions specific to clients presenting concerns. Some of these concerns include: grief, depression, anxiety, anger management and family conflict.

We employ Solution Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing counseling techniques to assist individuals maximizing their quality of life.

We specialize in the following areas:

Adjustment Disorder
Anger Management
Child or Adolescent
Coping Skills
Domestic Violence 

Family Conflict
Life Coaching


Our approach to family counseling is pragmatic with the facilitation of both structural and strategic methodologies. Our approach is to serve the family within the context of its ecology. Using a family systems approach, we assist families in maintaining balance within the family unit by defining the roles and responsibilities of family members while reinforcing practical approaches to presenting problems. We assist families in maximizing the strengths of their ecology to enhance the quality of life for each family member.

We assist families with implementing interventions that successfully address challenges presented within the family. Our goal is to aid individual family members in identifying and leveraging their strengths toward efforts that improve relationships among the family unit.

We are especially committed to assisting families in healing from circumstances of separation and divorce. We are equally passionate about strengthening the foundations of blended families. We consider it a privilege to assist parents and guardians in improving their parenting, co-parenting  and family relations.

Our treatment progress is measured by reducing the frequency and duration of problems experienced within the family. Family member’s strengths are incorporated into interventions to promote successful outcomes. The interventions developed with families ultimately increase the emotional health of the family.


We specialize in relationship and couples counseling. Our initial goal is to assist individuals in assessing the underlying causes of their relationship challenges.

Our approach to couples counseling is to assist couples in mastering the art of effective communication and active listening skills. We assist couples in exploring the strengths and opportunities that exist within their relationships. Our goal is to aid couples in the process of strengthening their relationships while negotiating how their unique attributes can complement their desires to master obstacles presented in their relationships.

We customize interventions that are client driven and designed to enhance cohesiveness between couples. Our aim is to equip couples with the tools to successfully address the underlining causes of relationship concerns. 

We collaborate with couples to develop goals that address presenting problems stemming from core issues. Interventions recommended to couples consist of practical exercises that are performed outside of the session and designed to aid couples in their efforts to communicate more effectively. The aim is to assist couples in sustaining strengths and resolving conflicts in a manner that satisfies the desired goals of both partners.

Please visit our CONTACT page to request a complimentary consultation to learn more about our customized couples counseling programs.


We are passionate about our commitment to veterans, members of the armed forces and their families. We truly recognize that members of the armed forces make enormous sacrifices for our nation. Unfortunately, the sacrifices made by service members, their families and significant others can lead to behavioral health concerns that impact quality of life.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, nearly one in four active duty service members has shown signs of a mental health condition. If you are currently an active duty service member, veteran or family member of a service-connected person in need of support and counseling, give us a call to learn how we can help.

Services offered to our military families include but are not limited to counseling and referral services.


Older adults are the foundation of the progress made by our nation. Older adults are sometimes faced with mental and behavioral health challenges that interfere with the quality of life. We support seniors by addressing mental health concerns impacting their quality of life. We provide supportive counseling on issues ranging from depression to grief and loss.

Global counseling solutions aims to improve the overall wellbeing of our seniors. We achieve this goal by enhancing the emotional and physical wellbeing of seniors. We create partnerships with other organizations who serve seniors to provide facility-based services that promote better physical health and enhance cognitive skills.


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