Family Counseling

Our approach to family counseling is pragmatic with the facilitation of both structural and strategic methodologies. Our orientation is to serve the family within the context of its ecology. Using a family systems approach, we assist families in maintaining balance within the family unit by defining roles and responsibilities of family members while reinforcing practical approaches to presenting problems. We assist families in maximizing the strengths of their ecology to enhance the quality of life for each family member.

We assist families with implementing interventions that successfully address challenges presented within the family. Our goal is to aid individual family members in identifying and levering their strengths towards efforts that improves relationships among the family unit.

We are especially committed to assisting families in healing from circumstances of separation and divorce and equally passionate about strengthening the foundations of blended families. We consider it a privilege to assist parents and guardians in improving their parenting, co-parenting abilities and family relations.

Our treatment progress is measured by reducing the frequency and duration of problems experienced within the family. Family members strengths are incorporated into interventions to promote successful outcomes. The interventions developed with families ultimately increases the emotional health of the family.

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