Individual Counseling & Life Coaching

Our approach to individual clinical counseling and non-clinical life coaching is person centered. Our clients’ growth is obtained by outlining specific action-oriented goals aimed at using one’s strengths to leverage desired life changes. In collaboration with our clients we promote a therapeutic relationship that consist of trust and open communication to allow positive change to occur.

Both men and women alike are highly concerned and invested in overcoming obstacles that interfere with their hopes and dreams for a more satisfying quality of life. Unexpected events to include divorce, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, substance abuse and other personal traumatic events can delay one’s pursuit of joy and happiness.

The founding principle of Global Counseling Solutions is to assist its clients in “achieving a healthier quality of life.” We employ a variety of interventions specific to clients presenting concerns. Some of these concerns include: grief counseling, depression and anxiety, anger management and substance abuse interventions that promote harm reduction.

We employ Solution Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing counseling techniques to assist individuals maximizing their quality of life.

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