Couples Counseling

Global Counseling Solutions specializes in relationship and couples counseling. Our initial goal is to assist individuals in assessing the underlining causes to their relationship challenges.

Our approach to couples counseling is to assist couples in mastering the art of effective communication and active listening skills. We assist couples in exploring the strengths and opportunities that exist within their relationships. Our goal is to aid couples in the process of strengthening their relationship while negotiating how their unique attributes can accommodate their desires to master obstacles presented in their relationship.

We customize interventions that are client driven and designed to enhance cohesiveness between couples while strengthening the foundation of relationships. Our aim is to equip couples with the tools to successfully address those underlining causes to their relationship concerns.

We collaborate with the couple to develop goals that address presenting problems stemming from core issues. Interventions recommended to couples consist of practical homework assignments that are performed outside of the session and designed to aid couples in their efforts to communicate more effectively. We assist couples in assessing their strengths and opportunities in efforts to complete homework assignments. The aim is to assist couples in sustaining strengths and resolving opportunities in a manner that satisfies the desired goals of both partners.

Techniques employed in couples counseling include:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy.

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